The Wedding Journey

  1. Notice of Intended Marriage

    Under the current legislation, your NOIM will need to be completed no later than one month prior to your wedding day. This is to formally lodge your intention to get married in Australia. I usually complete the NOIM form on behalf of my couples during our meetings.  Download the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM).

  2. Collate and Bring Your Documents with You

    You will need to bring your birth certificate (if born in Australia), or an overseas passport (if born outside of Australia); divorce papers (if you have been previously married); or death certificate (if your previous spouse is deceased). If you have any queries with these items, please contact me and we can discuss them further.

  3. We Have Our First Meeting

    We can schedule a time that best suits you to meet at my office. This meeting will be about me getting to know you, and discussing your wedding ceremony. I will have ideas on what we can do, and together we can work out and design your very own special day.

  4. I Write a Draft of Your Wedding Ceremony

    I write up a first draft of your ceremony depending on what we have discussed at our meeting. After I send it to you, we can review it together, and we can work it out until it fits best with you.

  5. Wedding Rehearsal

    I allow my couples an opportunity to rehearse their wedding ceremony, so that we are all familiar with the process.

  6. Wedding Day

    I arrive at your ceremony location at least half an hour in advance. After my set up, I meet the groom and your guests, and wait for the bride to arrive!

  7. Sign, Sealed & Delivered

    After the official ceremony, I need you and your chosen witnesses to sign the register. After this is done, I will send the appropriate documents to the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

  8. Marriage Certificate

    This last step unfortunately can only be done by you. In order to retrieve your certificate, you will need to obtain it from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. This step is very straight forward and quick! Please order your marriage certificate here, and you are done!